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Community Flyer Distribution

As a service to our community, this space is for SoWashCo Community Education and non-profit groups to share special events, programs and activities.

To learn more about the district's distribution of materials policy please view School Board Policy 904.

SoWashCo community education

SoWashCo Community Education Activities Flyers 

SoWashCo Community Education offers quality education, enrichment and athletic opportunities for all ages. These programs provide participants with opportunities to pursue their interests, expand their abilities and improve social skills in a fun and safe environment. To see our full list of offerings visit

SoWashCo Community Education partners may send flyer distribution requests to Requests must be for a current or upcoming SoWashCo Community Education activity or class. Please include the link to the class in Eleyo and a PDF flyer.

Community Organization Flyers

Groups/organizations that meet the eligibility criteria below must send a link to a webpage or PDF flyer about the event or program, a short description of the event or program, the organization name and the event organizer's contact information to

Please note: SoWashCo Schools does not necessarily sponsor, endorse or recommend the activities/events announced here.

Thrivent Summer Family Day

Enjoy a summer day at the park. Activities include the park, games, paper bag decorations, coloring books, chalk and more.

  • Sunday, Aug. 11, 2024
  • 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Hyland Play Area - Bloomington, 10145 Bush Lake Road, Bloomington, MN
  • Attendees are invited to donate school supplies.
  • Cost: Free


2024 Summer Programs with Woodbury Parks and Recreation

Woodbury Parks and Recreation provides a variety of quality programs, classes, activities and special events promoting lifelong health and well-being for all ages: preschoolers, youth, teens, adults and seniors. Our year-round programming features something for everyone, from art and sports to STEM and social activities!

Register now for summer programs.

Learn more and Register


Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) and Salvo Soccer Club Summer Camps

Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) offers recreational community soccer camps through Salvo Soccer Club. Start your child's soccer adventure with Salvo Soccer Club. Our community youth soccer programs provide a flexible, player-centered approach, catering to every young athlete's needs. Designed for all skill levels, kids will learn new skills, build friendships, stay active and have fun in a supportive environment!




With Girl Scouts, kids can thrive— making new friends, learning new skills, and experiencing new things as they grow into their strongest, kindest, and most authentic selves.

Join now for $35 to receive a summer welcome kit and membership through September 2025!

Kids entering grades K-12 are invited to join. Financial assistance is available.


Download the PDF in EspañolSoomaali or Hmoob