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Emergency Procedures

We are committed to student and staff safety in our schools and district buildings. We continually evaluate school safety procedures and protocols, while working to be as transparent as possible.


Napoleon Genereux

Napoleon Genereux
Security and Emergency Preparedness

Procedures for School Cancellations

Throughout the school year, South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo Schools) may enter into an emergency closure, an e-learning day (extended learning day), or may choose to cancel after-school activities due to bad weather or other situations in which school cannot be held in-person. 

Things to Know

  • SoWashCo Schools consults with a variety of internal and external experts in order to make the best decision possible for students, staff and families. 

  • The Superintendent evaluates several factors before choosing to cancel school through an emergency closure or to shift to an e-learning day.

  • Dismissing students early is not logistically possible for a district our size.

  • SoWashCo continually monitors the forecast from the National Weather Service in order to make the best decision for students.


TIP (Tip and Information Portal)

Students are often aware of situations before adults and they can make positive impacts in our school community. But sometimes, they just need a safe and easy way to report issues without fear of embarrassment or retaliation.

SoWashCo Schools launched a new Tip and Information Portal, or T.I.P., a confidential way for secondary students to report issues, concerns and other important information about school. Report an issue through T.I.P.

Submitted tips can include topics such as academic concerns, alcohol or drug use, bullying, discrimination, mental health concerns, parking issues, potential violence and more.

All tips are taken seriously and will be reviewed throughout the school week. It is important to know that T.I.P. is not a replacement for emergency services. If there is immediate danger, please call 911.

How to Use T.I.P.

  • Access the T.I.P. form.
  • Simply fill out the form, including what happened, where the incident occurred, who was involved and any other details you can provide.
  • The more information you provide, the better we can address the situation.
  • If needed, you may attach a photo or video.
  • You may choose to provide your name and contact information to help staff to respond to the situation.

Safety Drills

Required Drills

The goal of a safety drill is to show students and staff what needs to be done in an emergency.

  • Five evacuation drills
    • The first evacuation drill takes place within 10 days of the start of school
  • Five safety drills (lockdown or lockout)
  • One shelter drill
  • Bus riders also hold one bus evacuation drill

Safety Protocols

SoWashCo Schools uses the Standard Safety Response Protocol which is based on five actions for safety. Students and staff are trained on these procedures and practice drills throughout the school year.