Site Team

Site Based Decision Making is a decentralized process in which decisions and recommendations are made by stakeholders, including building employees, parents, community representatives, students and others determined as appropriate members.

 The purpose of Site Based Decision Making is to improve the quality of education for all learners by addressing a uniqueness of each site through a shared decision-making process.

  •  Improve achievement for all students.

  • Support professional opportunities for all sites.

  • Improve communication within a site and its community.

  • Create ownership of the Site-Based Decision Making Process among the stakeholders.

  • Utilize the expertise and contributions of the stakeholders.

  • Promote a school climate that supports innovative thinking and problem solving.

Site Team Members:

Principal Andrew Caflisch
DSN Representative  Jennifer Fuglestad
Pre-K/ First Grade Representative Rachel Haley
Primary Representative Rose Ross Hernlem
Intermediate Representative Stephanie Larson
Special Ed Representative Susan Wilson
Specialist Representative Chris Rose
Office/Clerical Representative Anne Henseler
Paraprofessional Representative Barb Ostertag
Parent Representative Katie Stachowiak
Parent Representative Jodi Lewis
Parent Representative Amanda Faletti

 If you have any concerns or issues that you would like addressed, please click on the name of the representative you wish to contact and send them an email.